RHD2: Dangerous virus for rabbits ENG

5. October 2017

IMPORTANT! Latest information: Rabbits are dying again!

Due to the fast, fatal course and the circumstances involved, there is a high suspicion that the RHD2 virus infection is active! We strongly recommend vaccinating all rabbits and / or vaccination protection. New official recommendations since the beginning of June for the French vaccine with German approval: Vaccinate every six months when facing increased infection rates and not at one yearly intervals. At the moment, we still have enough vaccine in stock.

“RHDV-2” leads to serious, epidemic illnesses with many deaths. Both wild and domestic rabbits are affected (both inside and outside).

Rabbits that have been regularly vaccinated with the usual vaccines against RHD are only well protected against the classic variant. There exists in some cases a certain amount of protection from the fatal outcome of the new RHDV-2 disease variant.

The virus is transmitted in several ways:

  • – from animal to animal
  • – via droplet infection
  • – from people (clothes, hands)
  • – through feed and litter
  • – from insects

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