Protect your dog from illness when on holiday

17. March 2017

Travel diseases are a “hot topic” issue. They are mainly found in the popular holiday regions of southern Europe (for example, Italy, Spain, France) around the Mediterranean, but also in Switzerland and Austria.

As these dangerous diseases are on the rise, they are now referred to as CVBDs (Canine Vector Borne Diseases) i.e., diseases transmitted by vectors such as ticks/mosquitoes.

For medical reasons, it would be best to leave your dog at home for your own safety! The risk of infection with CVBDs is high and the disease can take a fatal to fatal course.

If you should take your dog with you, we recommend you start with comprehensive protective measures at an early stage. Please start to prepare at least 4 to 9 (!) weeks before you travel. We will be pleased to advise you on your individual travel prophylaxis. On request, we can also arrange a handy travel pharmacy kit for your animals.